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How to Hide Photos on Android Phone

How to Hide Photos on Android Phone

How to Hide Photos on Android Phone, Apart from saving pictures, you can easily share pictures with others using Android phones. However, private photos must be stored in such a way that others cannot find them even if they access the device. Private photos can be hidden through the Google Photos app and phone gallery on Android phones.

Google Photos App

To hide private photos using the Google Photos app, you must first access the Google Photos app from your smartphone. Then tap on the Library option below and select the ‘Utilities’ option. After scrolling to the next page and selecting ‘Locked Folder’, tap on the ‘Gallery Plus’ icon below with your fingerprint to see the list of photos. After that, select one or more personal photos and tap on the ‘Move’ button at the top and again give your fingerprint, a popup message will appear. After confirming the information in the message and tapping on the ‘Move’ button again, selecting ‘Allow’, the specific images will be stored in the lock folder. Later, the photos in the lock folder can be viewed only with the fingerprint.

Google Photo

To hide specific photos on Android phone, first enter the Gallery app. After that, select the images that need to be hidden and tap on the ‘More’ option below. Selecting ‘Move to Secure’ folder from the displayed options will move the images to a separate folder, which no one else can see.

Another way

While the built-in “Locked Folder” in Google Photos and “Secure Folder” on Samsung devices offer good options, here are two alternative methods for hiding photos on your Android phone with a bit more control and potential added security:

1. Third-party App with Encryption:

  • Unique Point: Encrypting photos before hiding them adds an extra layer of security.
  • Specific Steps:
    1. Download a reputable third-party app like “Photo Locker” or “Keepsafe” from the Google Play Store. These apps typically offer features like PIN/fingerprint protection and encryption for hidden photos.
    2. Launch the chosen app and follow its on-screen instructions to create an account and set up your preferred security method (PIN, fingerprint, etc.).
    3. Select the photos you want to hide from your phone’s gallery and import them into the secure vault within the app.
    4. The photos will disappear from your main gallery and can only be accessed through the chosen app with your security credentials.

2. Move Photos to a Hidden Folder:

  • Unique Point: This method utilizes a built-in feature on some file manager apps to create hidden folders.
  • Specific Steps:
    1. Locate a file manager app with a built-in “hide folder” feature, such as “Solid Explorer” or “FX File Explorer.”
    2. Launch the app and navigate to the folder containing your photos.
    3. Look for a “Create Folder” option and choose the “Make hidden” or “Keep hidden” option while creating a new folder.
    4. Move the desired photos to this newly created hidden folder.
    5. These photos will no longer be visible in your standard gallery app but can be accessed through the file manager app by navigating to the hidden folder (consult the app’s specific instructions for unhiding the folder when needed).

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