What do I do if I lost my passport

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India is a Very Beautiful country. Indian culture, Nature, Beauty, Cultural Tradition, and others amazing! In a word very Wonderful. Every Person want to tour India. Here My share my personal experience. When I go India last year, I’ve face some problem. That I lost my Passport two days after in India. I faced big problem and I upset this time. I did not know, what I do. I took the help in local Polish stations, they hived helped me cordially. Here explain my valuable experience that I follow the step and I success.

Ok, firstly give you some instruction when you prepared for any aboard. Must be take zeros copy from your passport and visa, at least 2 set. And you send your Gmail drive/ Google drive for more safety.

How to solution Problem:

I myself have suffered from this problem. The solution is very simple and requires a little effort.


Step 1:

First of all tell the hotel where you are staying in India, they will give you a letter with your passport number and proof that you are staying in this hotel.

Step 2:

Go to the concerned police station of the area you are in India and do a simple GD. Of course you will need a copy of your passport and your visa.

Step 3 :

After doing GD the police officers there will inform you then your location is your country Embassy. You will need a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa and two copies of your photograph along with two thousand rupees or a little more in Indian Rupees while visiting the country Embassy. There they will accept your application and ask you to wait for few hours. During this period they will contact the your country Immigration and Passport Office about the loss of your passport. Then a letter will be handed to you. The letter will contain all your identity cards from Kolkata and all India and you have to go to a computer store with this letter.


Step 4:

You have to go to the computer store with the letter and make an online application to the FRO office. In this application you have to mention why you are going to Emergency your country without renewing your passport and how long you are going to stay inside.

Step 5 :

After collecting the online application form you have to proceed to the FRO office and in that office you will have a general questioning. How lost passport why you came to India. (Don’t make the mistake of saying that I fell into the conspiracy of some broker or that I was coming to this country to go abroad, now the broker is doing two numbers with me. In that case, they will give priority to the people of their own country)

Step 6 :

After collecting your inquiry and your online application from Appear office they will fix a time when you will get exit permit in your Gmail. And it will mention that within these few days you have to leave India for Bangladesh. After you receive the message in Gmail, you will see a picture coming there which is your exit permit.

Step 7:

After getting exit permit there is no peace whether you go by bus or plane. You will be must asked some questions at each step. Why did you lose your passport, why did you come to India? (But after getting exit permit from F.O. office, there will be no problem later -(Just answer their questions correctly with intelligence)

Step 8:

Bring your GD proof from India. Take that GD paper and go to the concerned police station of your area and do another GD. Then take that GD paper and get your new passport reissued.

Final Quote:

Remember to keep copies of your passport and other important documents in a safe place, separate from the originals, while traveling. It’s also a good idea to have digital copies stored securely online or in a cloud storage service for easy access if needed.

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